Lake Powell Fishing Report 6/3/17

Everything is biting on Lake Powell!!

Lake Powell Fishing Report 4/10/17

This video should tell you everything you need to know about the fishing on Lake Powell right now.

Lake Powell Fishing Report 3/26/17

I went out to film a new how to catch striped bass video and absolutely ripped them up!  Stripers are being really dumb and going nuts all over the lake.  I think you could huck out a Barbie Doll leg and catch a cooler full right now. Oh yeah......we're also killing the large and smallmouth 


Lake Powell Fishing Report 3/23/17

All fish are getting very active and aggressive as a result of the extended warm weather streak we have enjoyed. We have been doing really well with Sencos all spring but I'm sure most anything will work.  The great news is that the anchovy bite for Stripers is on at the old familiar spots such as the dam and the Pump Station.  Folks have been fillng their ice chests quite easily.  Give us a call and we'll put you on em.    

Check out this Lake Powell hog that Danny and Christopher caught. Watermelon Senco, 59 degree water, 4ft depth, submerged boulder. 

Lake Powell Fishing Report 3/17/17

It's starting!!  Water temps are rising and fish are getting active.  The Largemouth population is very healthy and has provided us with some good action. The fish are localized in the warmer coves that see direct sun all day.  We didn't get a bite all morning but when we rolled into a nice southern facing cove we found the green fish stacked in there like cord wood.  Water temps were around 55.  Once we get to 60 it will be lights out. 

Lake Powell Fishing Report 5/5/15

This last week of fishing on Lake Powell has been super exciting. During the week we experienced warm days, cool days, wind, rain and some great fishing. During this last week of fishing we caught just about every fish species in the lake. Smallmouth have been the most plentiful, but largemouth, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, striper, and walleye have all been out to eat. Some locations would produce 3 or 4 different species with the same lure. Smallmouth are all over the lake right now and are being caught regularly. Once you find yourself entering some murkier water with submerged rocks and tumbleweeds, be ready for largemouth, crappie and others. Single tail grubs, smoke or watermelon color, can produce a surprise catch at any time. Senkos, tubes, and crappie jigs are working as well. If you feel fish nibbling at your larger lures but can't seem to get a hook set, switch to a crappie rod and jig and cast in the same spot. This has been producing some crappie and bluegill fishing at its finest.

Come on out and enjoy the lake while the weather is still cool enough to fish all day and the fish are biting all day long as well.

Good luck and tight lines.

Lake Powell Guide Report 4/22/15

I've been fishing for a Striper like this my whole life.
Lake Powell Fishing Guide Report 4/20/15

Luckily the low pressure system that Danny had to battle through didn't have a negative effect on the fishing this weekend.  Jeremy Christensen, his dad Bert and I, had great time on the lake and boated many.  We caught fish on many different types of structure and the only common thread was that all the fish were shallow.  I really don't think it matters what color or type of lure you throw at this stage in the game but we were using dark green tubes.  The bottom line...... get yerself out here and go fishing!!! Now is the time.

Jeremy Christensen and a few of the day's spoils
Lake Powell Guide Report 4/16/15

Today was cold and overcast as a low pressure system moved in the night before. With it came the wonderful and always dreaded "spring winds" but this was not going to stop the charge up lake to attack hungry small mouth bass! I was really thinking that the change in pressure would lock jaw some of the larger fish but I was way off, I had 2 clients fishing the whole time and myself getting in a few casts between maneuvering the trolling motor and taking fish off hook (it was windy). We ended up landing about 40 bass altogether, a lot of 1.5 to 2 pound fish with a handful of chunks. Our larger fish pushed the 3 pound plus range with a double hookup on two 4 pound largemouth to end the day! Large watermelon tubes with 3/8 and 1/2 oz tube hooks was our bait of choice. We fished outside coves and inside the tight slots along the canyon walls. Great day of fishing! Spring fishing is upon us so get out the poles, clean up the tackle box and get up to wonderful Lake Powell for some fantastic fishing fun!

Thanks for Tuning In.....Danny

Lake Powell Fishing Report 4/13/15

I fished both Sat and Sun and had two good days but it was like fishing a different lake each day because of the warming water temps, due to the insanely beautiful weather we've been having. On SaturdayI took Eric Warren and his father in law Gary out and it was the same bite that was happening in my last report.  We didn't knock them dead but the action was good enough to keep us interested for the whole trip.  On a great note, Eric boated the biggest smallmouth bass that I've had the pleasure of netting in quite a few years. 

The picture of this Lake Powell Smallmouth does not do the fish justice.

 On Sunday my wife and I loaded the Gaggle of Fragles (aka My Progeny) on the boat and did our best to get a cast or two in between crying fits and diaper changes.  It turned out that our chitlens are great fishers and my wife and I were able to get some solid chunks of casting time.  I found out that Sunday was going to be different than Saturday right away when I spotted a nice two+ pound smallie sitting on a bed, right next to the dock on the launch ramp. With this little nugget of knowledge I decided to focus on shallow lagoon type structure and sure enough we found fish moving up onto the beading flats.  They were very aggressive and attacked our tubes from a distance.  Several times we were able to see the bite in the crystal clear water.  


As for the 2+lb smallie a the launch ramp..... We threw at her many times when we first saw her but she was very shy and would dart off every time she saw our baits.  So when we returned in the afternoon I kept a low profile and sunk a Sanco right in the middle of the bed.  She was powerless against its charm and I set the hook into her as she tried to move it away from her precious eggs.  It was a joyous occasion!  
(P.S. the picture above is not of the bedded fish I caught, we released that fish to go back and protect her bed)

Lake Powell Fishing Report 4/4/15
We had a good day today.  The weather was taylor made for fishing and the fish were taylor made for copper flaked tubes and slashbaits.  
I'm finding almost all of my smallmouth on deeper wall cut structure.  I keep banging my head on the shelfy flats and cobble points expecting them to start spawning but I am not finding them there and instead have been focusing on stair stepping, broken wall cuts.  Not sheer wall cuts but steep cuts that have a tapering bottom at 20 to 30 feet.  It is tough to describe in writing but if you book a trip I can show you :-)

Largemouth have been in the very back of coves and canyons associated with sunken tumbleweeds and we are catching them with the same lures but if the weeds are thick we have been switching to Sencos to avoid hangups.  

I would consider the fishing to be in the fair/good category right now but any day now the switch is going to be flipped and we will be boating loads of fatties. Mark my words!



Lake Powell Fishing report 4/3/15

Fishing Lake Powell during March and beginning of April has been picking up day by day and is now hitting those magic 60 degree plus water temperatures. For the most part the weather has been calm and warm and the water temperature has warmed up sooner than normal. But be ready, the spring time winds are upon us with afternoon winds picking up. April 2 was brutally windy all day, but today is calm again. Although it was windy all day we did manage to boat about 25 bass, with some good healthy 2.5 to 3 pound smallmouth. We looked for shelter in the backs of canyons and found bass piled up on rock points and shelves.

All the normal Lake Powell Lures were working to locate fish, single tail grubs, hula grubs, senkos, and tubes. If fish were located on a shelf with submerged tumbleweed cover, larger fish were being caught. Once located, larger and heavier grubs were used to get down on the bottom, 10 to 15 feet of depth, to attack the larger fish.

Fishing any time during the day has been working lately. The "morning bite" is not always the best time to fish right now. Some of our days have not had the good action until 11:00 or 12:00, so stay out on the water an keep casting!

Lake Powell Fishing report 10/20/14

October is the month on Lake Powell when the weather is beautiful, the water is perfect (70-72 surface temp), and the fishing is fun and confusing at the same time. This last week of fishing was spent jumping from one spot to the next trying to find the fish. Once fish were located and the first fish was caught, we could catch a couple more then the bite would stop. Once we found the best producing locations for one day, the next day was different. The fish are really moving around as there are baitfish everywhere. We actually watched fish chase shad right next to the boat as we fished with artificial lures, hard to compete with Mother Nature but we still managed to catch our share.


What to try -

Many different techniques were used from day to day to catch fish. Tubes and single tail grubs were casted off rock points and the backs of coves in 15 to 30 feet of water. If slow or no action, try a long cast and troll these lures with your trolling motor, around 1.5 to 2 mph, this would usually produce a fish. I would normally never troll a tube, but this action was working the best in some locations.

Shad colored rattle traps and crankbaits trolled off submerged rocks in the main channel will also produce some good hookups. After passing by a submerged rock at 18 feet, we had a double on with two healthy striper caught. When we trolled back by again, we caught 2 smallmouth. Going back to that spot and casting and spooning produced no fish, so back to trolling the same location with a few more fish landed.

A few small boils were spotted, but they were gone as soon as they were seen. Always ready for topwater action with a popper set up, we did have a few smallies entertain us with some aggressive topwater explosions.

There is still some good fishing to be done before the winter hits, so get out and get hooked up. Good luck and tight lines.

Lake Powell Fishing report 9/15/14

Hi All....It's sure been a while since our last fishing report, but those summertime blues of slow bass fishing have come to an end. The shad are under attack by striped bass and smallmouth bass and the fisherman can chase these fish with good success.

After chasing striper boils in the main channel at first light, the smallmouth being caught were gorging on shad and throwing them all over the boat once landed.

The striper boils have normally been seen at first light, 6:00 till about 8:00, in the main channel from Antelope Point Marina to the mouth of Navajo Canyon. As you drive in the main channel keep a close eye on the lake surface and look for the striper to surface. Once seen, drive your boat towards the boil and get within casting distance. Shut the motor off and let the fun begin. Top water poppers are our choice of lures at this time as the surface bite is extremely fun. Cast right towards the boil, in the action if you can, and pop your lure across the top and watch the bite. Most all other shad lures work well in these boils as the fish are in a feeding frenzy. Keep a good lookout throughout the day as we have seen more and more boils later in the morning and throughout the day. This morning was a bit off as we did not see the boils early this morning but found them later in the day.

When the boils slow down or are not found, don't worry, the smallmouth fishing is really picking up. Little Lake Powell smallmouth are loaded up on main channel rocky points in 25-30 feet of water. Single tail grubs on 1/8 and 3/16 oz. jig heads are doing the trick. Color choice has been smoke and watermelon, with white and chartreuse later in the morning when the sun is overhead.

Good luck and tight lines from the crew of TST.

Lake Powell Fishing report 6/20/14

Hello to all our fellow fisherman and woman! Take a look at our latest fishing report to help plan your Lake Powell Guided fishing trip.

With temps still in the 90's you'll want to beat the heat and get out early. Calm cool mornings are producing a glassy lake making it easy to see the striper slurps/boils. Warm Creek has plenty of action with striper from the 1lb to 3lb range. The shad are very small so down size but not to light, long accurate cast are very important! Shad colored light grey 3 inch single tail with a 3/16 gig head on 6lb test line is a great set up. You are able to make long casts and when you hook one of these football shaped striper you'll have a fun Lake Powell fight on your hands.

Afternoon fishing needs a bit more patience, graphing schools off the main points is producing bites if you are willing to sit tight, enjoy the day and chum up the water. Striper are hanging out in about 30 to 40 feet of water, a long cast with 1/2 an anchovy and letting it just sink back to the boat to soak for a few minutes is a good approach.

There is plenty of exciting fun fishing to be had!

Thanks for tuning in, tight lines.
Yollow Wonder

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 6/13/14

Here is your Friday the 13th Fishing Report, Water temp in the mid 70's, outside temp in the mid 90's and the water level still increasing and now over 3600 MLS.

With water level increasing at about one foot per day, fishing hot spots keep moving around the lake. We are still locating good striper fishing holes, with the newest one being the mouth of Navajo Canyon. A submerged rock on the north side of the canyon entrance, currently at 35' under water, is holding some larger striper. Throw out your chum and wait for the fun to begin. Our other spots producing right now are still at the entrance of Warm Creek Bay and the Dam. We have also noticed some small striper slurps in the back of Navajo Canyon. Once the shad grow a bit bigger this should produce some good boils and great fishing. Smallmouth bass are holding a little deeper as the water warms in the afternoon with smoke curly single tail grubs being our most effective bait. Find submerged rock piles and cast into the shadows of the deeper water.


Lake Powell Fishing Report: 6/09/14

Bill, Jacob and Alex Myers show off the days catch.  We caught all the Smallmouth bass in Wahweap bay using gray single tail Yamamoto jigs.  We also caught several Stripers at the dam on anchovies that we did not keep.  The trick with the stripers was to put the boat away from the sheer wall and cast your anchovy right up against the wall and let it sink.  I also chummed generously.  


Lake Powell Fishing Report: 6/05/14

I just took out a couple of great guys out spin fishing today and we had a great time.  Cicil Wong and his son Randy are really good sticks and were able to boat quite a few smallies, a Walleye, a Striper and a big Green Sunfish for a four species day.  Cicil is an accomplished angler so it was a pleasure to get him his first ever Walleye.  As it seems to be for all anglers on Lake Powell it was a struggle for us to catch the bigger Smallmouth. The dinks were a dime a dozen though and were a lot of fun.  We caught several on slash baits, the Walleye on a crank bait and the rest on gray single tailed grubs.

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 5/31/14

We had been really struggling to put good numbers of Striped Bass in the boat at our usual haunts but thanks to Danny we can now say that we have found the spot to fill the live well. He found them at the mouth of Warm Creek just off of some submerged islands.  The trick was to fish with anchovies on the slope where the islands broke into deeper water.  If he floated off of the islands the bite would tail off considerably.  The fish were on the smaller side 1 - 2 pounds but the action was hot! 

The fishing for Smallmouth Bass has been getting a lot better.  Almost every rock cut and slide has an aggressive fish in it and it can make for an action packed day.  Most of the fish are on the small end (1/2 - 1lb range) but they make for a great meal.    

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 5/18/14

As the outside temperature creeps into the 90's and water temperature warms to the low 60's, smallmouth bass fishing has been getting better each day. Watermelon tubes and single tail grubs have been bringing plenty of hungry and aggressive bass into the boat. Smoke and green pumpkin colors have been working as well. Fishing in the cracks and shadows of the many slot canyons have proved to be the hottest smallmouth fishing on the lake.
Striper fishing is hit and miss now. While dropping anchovies the last few weeks has been very productive, the last few days have really slowed in the hot spots. We are only catching a few fish at each spot with no big schools sticking around for the feeding frenzy. But with the hot weather approaching we are waiting for those ever fun striper boils to start appearing so we can chase them around.

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 5/03/14

The water is starting to hit the magic 60's as far as temperature and the Smallmouth and largemouth starting to crank.  We have been doing really well using root beer/brown and pumpkin colored jigs.  We have been fishing the cuts and notches in the backs of a few secret canyons.  We haven't been catching many big fish but the pound to two pound fish are aggressive and plentiful.

Striped Bass are really dumb right now and we have been loading the boat.  The fish, on average are a little smaller than years past but they are more healthy and much better to eat.    

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 4/9/2014

GOOD NEWS!  Stripers are being caught on anchovies at the Dam and other classic hot spots.  The fishing isn't as hot as last year but still good enough to keep it interesting.  

Stripers are also being caught trolling. Albert Newman wrote in and said, "Brian and I caught a few stripers and couple walleye trolling deep divers in Last Chance Bay and West Canyon, backs of canyons, stained water." Stripers that are caught trolling tend to be healthier than those caught on anchovies and are much better eating.

Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass are starting to move up into the shallows and become more aggressive. We are catching them on dark colored tubes in stained water.  Our last trip out the structure we had the most luck on was cliff cuts that had a depth of 10 to 20 feet.  The water temps are currently in the mid 50s and when it climbs to 60 the bite will explode like a firework.  This current warm spell should do the trick!    

Lake Powell Fishing Report:  3/22/14 

All fish are in the back of the canyons in the stained water.  Stripers are being caught trolling, most fish are in the 2-3 pound class. The anchovie bite that we have enjoyed the last few years has died. Large/Smallmouth bass also in stained water but success has been limited.  The fishing could be better but we are boating a few.  The weather has been great and there is NO traffic. 

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 2/16/14

The fishing sucks.  Stay home and watch my Youtube videos.  OR read some stories on My Blog
Three days of hitting it hard.  Not one bite.  
Here in three or four weeks it will start picking up: Crappie spawn, Smallies and Largies will move up and get agresive, Stipers hopefully will move back to their regular haunts and start getting dumb again (Anchovies).   

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 1/28/14

My buddy Albert Newman and I have managed to get out on the water a few times for some Lake Powell winter action.  It seems that a majority of the larger Striped Bass (15 plus pounds) on Lake Powell are boated in the cold, so we have been really focusing on sticking these pigs.  We have been trolling with downriggers and using spooning techniques over fish we have graphed.  My outings have been far less productive than Albert's.  I have been fishing near Lone Rock in the back of Wahweap Bay and have only hooked a few small fish.  I figure it at about $15.32 in gas per fish.  Albert on the other hand has gone a little further up lake to Navajo Canyon and Warm Creek Bay and had a lot more success. He has been fishing in about 20 to 40 of water in the stained water in the backs of the canyons, trolling a variety of crank baits and when the trolling slows down he has been graphing and then spooning schools of stripers with gold spoons.  His last two trips have produced several 1-3 pounders and two fish measuring 30 inches, which according to, would be in the 10-14 pound weight class. Pretty good for a guy that took up fishing only a few years ago! I taught him everything he knows :)
Lake Powell Fishing, Striped Bass


Check Out My Latest Full Length Fishing Video!

Snake River Sturgeon Fishing
Join me and my family as we make the long trek up to the Snake River in Idaho to do some White Sturgeon fishing.  Sturgeon fishing is a lot like cat fishing where you chuck out a stinky piece of bait, drink beer and give each other crap for hours on end while you wait for a bite.  Where it is different from cat fishing is that you are hooking into a true river monster that pulls like a frickin truck. This fishing video includes some great footage of us catching fish up to 6.5 feet long and a whole heap load of funny shenanigans.  Hope you enjoy!

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 9/17/13 

We are still able to load the boat with Striped Bass at the same old spots using Anchovies.  
Almost all of the largemouth I caught were in less than 5 ft of water,
all in the middle of the day. Little shade pockets on the little
structure that is offered was key for me. Also, we found a decent bite
off sand points that had a sharp shaded drop on one edge. We caught at
least one fish on all points that resembled this. I was throwing a
chatreuse 3 1/2" tube and they were inhaling it. They were all good
fish at one time, but unfortunately all but one should have weighed a
pound heavier. The small smallies were in there typical locations but
we did best fishing walls with cracks with broken rock underneath
using green pumpkin with purple fleck tubes. I haven't found a
consistent big small mouth bite yet. 

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 8/13
July and the first part of Aug. have always been crappy fishing and this year has been consistant with that. The Anchovy bite shut down, The Large and Smallmouth bass went to the vortex they always go into this time of year and as always, there were 7,000,000,000,000 boats on the water and it was hotter than hell. Things seem to be picking up however and we have been boating some great numbers as of late.  We have been catching 30 to 50 Striped Bass per 1/2 day trip at all the standard spots.  We have been doing pretty good on the Smallmouth Bass, fishing the typical structure: rock slides, rocky points and coble flats/bluff lines.  We have been using jigs in crawfish colors.  For more on exactly how we've been catching them on jigs check this video out. PARENT WARNING! This video has a few cuss words and pictures of poop.
Lake Powell Grand Slam and Finesse Fishing Tutalage

If you want to check out some fun/easy/kid/Catchin' not Fishin' Striped Bass action click on this vid. 
This video is completely kid friendly
Lake Powell Striped Bass Fishing, Anchovy Action


Captain Keisling,

   I wanted to write in and thank you for taking me out a couple weeks ago and sharing

some of your local knowledge of Lake Powell.  That sure was fun catching all those

bass and walleye.  I'm new to fishing, but it is hard for me to imagine another lake

with so much diversity in fish.

I used what you taught me about tube jig technique and reading lake structure.  Last

weekend my buddy Chris and I launched from Antelope Point and camped one night on the

south end of the lake.  We ended up landing many Smallmouth bass, a Largemouth, a Walleye,

numerous Stripers and a handful of Black Crappie.  Most all of the fish were caught in a boulder strewn

little cove fifteen feet wide in water from 6" to 12 feet (our "honey hole"). 

We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, being two rookies to the lake and having so much success.

     I launched solo on Mothers Day afternoon and went back to that same area on the south

end of the lake.  I was hoping to have the luck that Chris and I had found and ended

up being happily surprised.  After a quick stop by the "State Police" (I think it was

Game and Fish) to check my licenses and boat gear, it was fish on.  I first found a rocky

outcrop and caught a handful of Green Sunfish.  They were in the 5-7" range.  Not very large,

but certainly aggressive and a blast to hook!  I moved down the ways to the honey hole where 

my luck exploded.  Soon it was almost a-fish-a-cast which has made the lake renowned.

     One great thing about Powell is sometimes you just don't know what you might be reeling in.

I landed a nice 3.5 lb largemouth (my largest yet), a 1.5 lb Walleye, numerous 6-10"

Smallmouth bass, and several large Striped bass.  There were several boats Striper fishing in

the area and two clowns in one boat had their stereo cranked complete with the off-key singing

of "Baby Hold on to Me" by Eddie Money.  Anyway, the daylight was waning by the time

I hooked a 9" Gizzard Shad.  Feeling proud of the day, I trolled across lake to a quiet beach

for the evening.

   Up well before first light, I cruised back to the honey hole where my efforts produced

numerous Black crappie.  All told my efforts landed me around forty fish for the trip,

with all but a few released.  I used the same tube jig for all species, a white 3" Yamomoto.

It was a heck of a little trip, with seven different species caught, perhaps a once in

a lifetime event.

Thanks again for all the fishing tips.  Keep those fish on.

Albert Newman

Lake Powell Fishing Guides Report: 5/6/13

Striped Bass
:  Still going absolutely nuts.  We're averaging 50 fish on half days and 100 on full days.

Large and Smallmouth Bass:  Getting better by the day.  Fish are in pre-spawn to spawning mode.  I haven't noticed any fish defending beds yet but I have seen the beginnings of beds being created wich means it's only a few degrees of water temp away from being sight fishing heaven (MY FAVORITE!).Albert Newman proudly displays his 2.5lb Lake Powell Smallmouth Bass My last trip for these species produced around 30 fish in 4 hours; 3 Largemouth @2.5lbs each, 2 Walleye one @ 2lbs and the rest Smallmouth Bass the biggest being 2.5lbs.  We caught all of our fish on root beer (light tan) colored tube jigs but I'm sure you could catch them using just about any plastic jig that looks like a crawdad.  All in all a really good morning and it's only going to get better.

Crappie:  I haven't had anyone request to fish for these critters yet but I do know my friends are catching them in the backs of canyons in the murky water.  The water has dropped below the brushline so these fish are struggling to find cover.  They are kind of naked without the brush and are in a random pattern. If you are into catching a few of these slabs I'm sure that we can put you on some.

Walleye: We have been catching a few every trip while fishing for Bass.  We have been catchiAlbert Newman sports his 2lb Walleyeng them on tubes in water from 5 to 20 feet.   I'm sure if we were to go out before the sun hits the water or at night we could catch a ton more it's just hard to pass up the excelent small and largemouth fishing to target them. 


Right now would be the PERFECT time to get the Lake Powell Grand Slam of fish, which is one of each species listed above in one day.  The Grand Slam is very unique to Powell and is a proud accomplishment.  I would absolutely love to guide someone who wants to try and achieve this goal. 


                                 Lake Powell Fishing Guides Report: 5/3/13
This entry isn't a fishing report, it is the story of how our boat was crunched while parked out front of my house.  Just scrole down if you want to skip this and read the latest report.

Joan J and the Bad Toupee by Kyran Keisling 

 I was dreaming about a one legged rodeo clown named Toots when a large crashing noise jolted me awake.  In my sleep induced intoxication and desperately wanting to find out how the mono ped clown was going to handle the raging bull Bodacious , I disregarded the thunderous clatter and went back to sleep.  Minutes later Kristin ran into the room and frantically pulled me from Toots and the Taurus.   

 “There’s been a crash outside; I think they hit your boat!”

 “Ahhhh shucks” I replied.

 Oh wait, actually on second thought I think I said “You’ve got to be F#@king kidding me!”

 Clad in nothing more than sleepin shorts,  I sprinted outside, not one bit worried about my pup tent leading  the way.  On my lawn sat a bleeding old man with a really bad toupee, in the street a crumpled maroon Buick that wafted the odor of cat pee and scattered all over the road, the port side of my boat.

 I named my boat “Joan J” after she got me through 35 miles of seven foot wave chop and  80 mph winds without taking on so much as a gallon of water.   You don’t name your boat after a dude.  Boat names need to be female.  I thought long and hard about it.  My boat was beautiful, sleek and had nice curves but she was also a bad ass b*%ch who could slap you upside the head if need be.  Joan Jet and the Blackhearts – Bad to the bone and HOT as hell, in a tattoo/leather sort of way……. Done!

 A doublewide trailer mortgage and a boat payment is way, way, way to high class for a teacher salary.  I practically starved to death paying off Joan J.  We have been through thick and thin together. She is my baby and there she was, shattered.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to run over and kiss her gel coat and tell her that all would be ok but bad toupee man was hemorrhaging blood on my grass.  I went into first aid mode and tried push my busted beauty into the back of my mind but no matter how hard I tried, it kept popping back front and center.

 My mouth said, “Are you OK?  Do you have any pain?” My mind screamed, “Oh Jesus my precious!!!!”

My mouth, “What happened?”  My mind, “Is that my taillight lying on the center line?”

My mouth, “Is the ambulance coming, has 911 been called?”  My mind, “Holy crap that’s a really bad toupee! How did it stay buttoned to your scalp?” “Why was it not violently thrown into the windshield upon impact?”

 Turns out the toupee and the old man under it were fine.  He had a bad nose and lip bleed and I’m sure his bell had been rung pretty good but all was well when the paramedics carted him away on a backboard out of precaution. 

 And there I was standing on the starboard side of the port side train wreck, thinking of all the bass I had stroked upon her bow and how I would never again feel her rocking under my feet.  It must have been a very busy day for the EMS crew in Page because the only people around were the 37 Page police officers, 15 paramedics and 7 fire trucks (there may have been a few social workers as well but I didn’t pay attention).  I hesitated to walk around, fearing the worst.  We had a fully booked week of guiding trips scheduled worth thousands of dollars.  We would have to cancel all the trips.  Was the boat totaled?  How long would it take to get a new boat?  How much would the insurance say the boat was worth?  Does he have insurance?  Did I remember to pay for my insurance?  Why would anybody think that that toupee was better than being bald?

 I slowly walked to the port side.  From the pix you can see that he hit about a foot and a half of the hull,Lake Powell Fishing Boat CRUNCHED! he curled the previously flat trim tab into a trim pipe.  He glanced left and careened down the step side of the trailer.  It was like someone took a giant can opener and cut the wheel wells away from the bunks of the trailer.  You couldn’t have done a better job with a cutting torch.  Miraculously not a scratch was put into the port side of the boat.  The tires and wheels were fine.  The only damage other than the trailer was a silver dollar sized chunk of gel coat chipped off of the corner of the hull.  I couldn’t believe it.  We hooked up to the trailer and drove Joan J to the lake and dropped her in and took the trailer to Brian’s paint and body.  No trips were canceled.  The biggest problem I have now is that I will never be able to see a one legged rodeo clown without thinking of really bad toupees.  Horrible!

Another view of my CRUNCHED Lake Powell Fishing Boat

Lake Powell Fishing Guides Report: 4/15/2013

We are still catching boat loads of 2-5lb striped bass. It's more like catching and not fishing. We have been doing very well at the "Intake/Pump Station" a mile west of Antelope Marina, finding them in the mouth of Antelope Canyon and at the second corner after the big island in Navajo Canyon. Chad and Wheeler McDaniels from Tucson show off one of the many Lake Powell Striped bass they caught this weekend. We have been using cut anchovie baits but after catching 20 or 30 on bait a few of our clients have been adding a little challenge to the mix by throwing on a silver tube jig and stroking some on a lure. We have been sending home every client happy and with a sack full of fillets.  The smallmouth bass have started to turn on a bit.  I think another 5 degrees of water temp will really get them going but for now I would say the the fishing is a 6 out of 10 as far as action.  Largemouth have also been doing fairly well.  It's nice to go out and try to fool some crafty Smallies/Largies and always know that you have the Stripers you can fall back on if the bite isn't happening.   

Lake Powell Fishing Guides Report: 3/27/2013

The spring has started off as well as it possibly can.  We have been blessed with amazing weather and the fish have been hungry and dumb.  We have been catching Stripers by the ice chest full at the dam and in Navajo Canyon.  We have been fishing with cut anchovie bait at a depth of 15 to 30 feet.  The fish are so agressive that many times you can see them strike.  This type of fishing is perfect for children, beginners or experienced anglers that just want to catch a load of fish.  The Smallmouth and Largemouth fishing is pretty good as well.  We have been catching them on jigs in the shallow structure in the backs of canyons.   
Lake Powell Fishing Guides Report: 06/20/11

Striped Bass - They're still biting anchovies at the regular haunts... Buoy 1 & 3, the Dam and Antelope Canyon.  We have been averaging around 30 fish per half day in the 1lb - 4lb class.  I talked to a fisherman yesterday who told me he saw a Striper Boil in Last Chance Bay.  I would expect that they will be boiling in our end of the lake soon.  I will make sure to let you know as soon as it happens.  
Smallmouth Bass: We have started catching good numbers of small fish on rockslide and broken cliff structure.  They may be dinky (1/4 to 1lb) but they sure are fun to catch.  They are perfect for someone who wants to improve their lure fishing techniques or wants to take a break from hauling in dumb stripers.  As a bonus they are some of the tastiest Lake Powell fish you can put into yer pie hole.

TST client Travis with a 21 inch Brown Trout he caught on an anchovie at buoy 3.  A very rare catch indeed.  I have never seen anyone catch one on Lake Powell in my life. 

Just another day on Lake Powell. I would say that this guy should've payed a little closer attention.  I happened upon this accident long after it happened and the people driving the boat were gone.  Let's hope nobody got hurt.
Lake Powell Fishing Guides Report - 06-12-11

Sorry it's been so long since my last report but Danny, Brian and I have been extremely busy taking folks out fishing almost every day.  

Striped Bass: 
We are still catching large numbers of Striped Bass on anchovies.  We have been hitting them on rock walls and points throughout the AZ side of the lake.  We have been averaging 40 fish in the 4lb class on every 1/2 day trip that we do. We are anxiously awaiting the summer "Boils" that should start any day and then we will go after them with top water lures and small spoons on light tackle.  I can't wait!!

Large/Smallmouth Bass:
The lake has been rising at 1 foot per day and these fish do not like it one bit.  Fishing has been really slow.  We have been catching a few on rock slides and on deep points but the bites have been few and far between.   

Lake Powell Fishing Report - San Juan River Arm - May 1st - 7th

We just got done doing a guided week long Lake Powell fishing trip on the San Juan River Arm of Lake Powell.  Fred Hopper and his crew came up and camped out 60 miles uplake with TST and were treated by some of the best weather/fishing/camping that Mother Nature can provide. They preferred to fish for Crappie and the San Juan didn’t disappoint.  They all were nailing limits that were in the 1.5lb range with a few that were pushing 2lb and if you know your Crappie then you know that, ‘dos are goot slabs! Danny and Brian’s dad, Jim, was the camp chef and provided them with five star meals that left nobody wanting.  Man… If you want to treat yourself to an amazing experience…. BOOK ONE OF OUR MULTI- DAY TRIPS!!!  All you have to bring is your tooth brush. We have everything else covered….. Top notch guides, equipment, food and attitude.

The following is what was reported by Cptn. Brian Woods     

What a great trip, fishing was awesome!  Caught fish all day on all types of lures.  Water temps went from high 50's to lower 60's with outside temp cooler and windy at the beginning of the week to mid 80's and calm by end of week.


 Water & Air Temps.
May 1 - Windy mostly cloudy, Water Temp. 59-60
May 2 - Calmer, sunny, Water temp 59-61
May 3 - Sunny and warmer, water temp. up to 63 back of coves in afternoon
May 4 - Sunny, warmer, beautiful, water temp. up to 64
May 5 - Sunny, still warmer (mid 80s), calm, no wind, water temp. 62-64
May 6 - Moved to Dungeon Canyon across from Rock Creek Bay; windy and cooler
May 7 - Calm in morning, found LM and SM on beds in Dungeon
Throughout the spring the prevailing structure has been brush mixed with broken rock for all species.  Brush in sand has been a bust.  Likewise, broken rock with no brush has been unproductive.  After this trip we have an official confirmation that Large & Smallmouth are officially starting to defend beds……yeee hawwww!  Crappie were associated with brushy coves (of course), some were hovering on the mouth in deep water and others were holding tight to the shrubbery in the shallows.

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:
Texas rigged brush hog - Watermelon w/ black flake; Green Pumpkin w/ red flake
Texas rigged Kreature - cinnamon w/ black & purple flake; green pumpkin w/ purple & copper flake
Tubes - smoke, green, all colors
Topwater - poppers, zara puppies in shallows
2" curly tail w/ 1/16 oz head, colors - acid rain, chartreuse, white
3" Ika, smoke w/ 1/32 oz chartreuse head
1/16 oz Marabou Jigs
Striped Bass:
Striped bass were actually swarming the back of the boat when we were cleaning the fish.  Fred and crew didn't fish for them because they were so easy to catch that they didn't provide a challenge.  

May 1 - 2, pre-fished, caught sm, lm, crappie on all
May 3 - 5, mostly crappie fished with clients, 15-20' of water casting towards shore moving jig out
May 5
Early morning bass fishing, topwater and brush hogs in shallows
Crappie moved up to submerged brush/trees in afternoon
Bill caught 5 species of fish in about 15 minutes - sm, lm, crappie, bluegill, and walleye all on 2" acid rain crappie jig
Fred caught his personal first topwater bass on a popper in the shallows

Lake Powell Fishing Report- 5/3/11

I haven't been on the water as of late because I have been getting our new store ready to go for this season.  We are very excited about our new home base and I will be sharing the info about it as it happens.  Danny and Brian are both on a week long TST guided houseboat fishing trip up on the San Juan and I am sure the clients are putting tons of fish in the boat as we speak. Those lucky bastards!! 
I did just complete my latest video.  If you want to see a typical spring afternoon of Lake Powell fishing then click this link.  Enjoy and we will post a report after Danny and Brian get off the trip.
Lake Powell Fishing - Spring Pre-Spawn Action

Lake Powell Fishing Report - 4/25/11

Howdy everyone,

Before I give the report I would like to share a few stories:

Danny caught a 7+ lb bass on Roosevelt Lake using a Senco.  He was fishing a local charity tourney with his son.  Reluctantly I have to say that he now has the biggest Largemouth either of us has ever caught.
Lake Powell Fishing guide Captain Danny Woods with a 7+ lb bass from Roosevelt Lake

My fiance Kristin and I got the chance to spend the weekend fishing together and we put together a Lake Powell Grand Slam.  What is a Lake Powell Grand Slam might you ask???
Well it is a Striped, Largemouth, Smallmouth Bass, a Walleye and a Crappie, all in a day.  Kristin put the walleye in the boat early in the day and the Large/Small and Striped bass were soon to follow and all we had left was the Crappie. We made a run into a driving rainstorm as the sun was sinking into a favorite crappie spot of mine and completed the second grand slam of my life.  As a bonus, the largemouth that we caught was 5+ lbs.
This is one of the biggest Largemouth that I have ever caught on Lake Powell.    My fiance Kristin with her important Walleye contribution to our Lake Powell Grand Slam.   This was the only fish remaining in our Crappie hole. I luckily caught him and we completed the Slam

In the next couple of weeks we will be catching a least 20 of these Lake Powell Smallmouth a day

Lake Powell fishing has been on fire!  This Side of That Guide Service has been out on the water a lot and we have put together a pretty good pattern.

Striped Bass:  Nothing has changed since the last report.  We can guarantee that you will catch Striped Bass in any fashion that you desire.  To illustrate my point, I went out the other day and caught a bunch in shallow water on a fly rod.  It was a ball! Lake Powell fishing at its finest.  I had a great time with Calvin and the boys.  The following picture was sent from a great bunch of guys from Twin falls that I took out last week.  I lipped so many fish that day my thumb became a bloody stump from all the striped bass teeth. That's what I call a GOOD battle wound.

                                             My raw thumb after lipping Lake Powell striped bass all morning.  It was well worth it!

Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass:  They are starting to fan beds but are not actively protecting them.  We found 60 degree water on Sat. but a storm rolled in on Sun and put the temp back down to 57. I think a good warm spell and 3 degrees of water temp and they'll lay their eggs and start defending the nests (which equates to the best fishing lake Powell can afford). As of now we are catching pre-spawn bass on the same structure that we have been catching them all spring, which is long, brushy, rocky points and in the backs of shallow coves.  We also have been picking up some smaller Smallmouth on rockslides and shelves (this pattern will get even better in the post spawn). 

Walleye:  We have not been catching as many as we did last year.  They have been sporadic at best and the few that we have been catching have been by using the same technique as for Lrg/Sml Bass.

Crappie: The water receded so much that the bushes they were spawning in became high and dry.  We have not had much luck for crappie lately and I am not expecting that it will pick back up until next March. 

Lake Powell Fishing Report: 4/11/11

Ahhh man the season has started! There isn't a better time to be fishing Lake Powell. We have been out fishing with clients for the past several days and have been putting LARGE numbers of fish in the boat.  The only question now is..... What do you want to fish for?  
The great thing is, it's only going to get better as it warms up.  The spawn is just around the corner and I am once again restating that, this is going to be the best spring fishing that we have seen for some time. 70 degree spring days and no (and I do mean NO!!) traffic on the lake.  You cannot get any better than that!

Striped Bass: We are catching rediculous numbers of fish on anchovies.  If you are looking to take your kids out or just do some easy fishing that putts hundreds of stripers in the boat then this is the style for you.  If you want to add some technique and skill into the mix then we can cast tubes into shallow/weedy/sandy structure and stroke fish all day. Casting the shallows is a ton of fun because it can be a visual bite and you can see them inhale your lure in 2 to 4 foot of crystal clear water. 

Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass: We just had a cold storm blow through and we thought for sure that they would be "off" for a little while but we were wrong.  This Side of That Guide Service has put many in the boat in the last few days.  Danny and I went out in the wind and cold and boated a number of chunky bronze/green fish.  The key bait was Yamamoto Creature baits in a brown with purple flake color and the key structure was shallow rocky/brushy points. We didn't catch many fish on any other structure than points mixed with bushes/rock. 

Crappie: Crappie are spawning and if you are into hooking a few slabs then now is most definitely the time get out there.  In a few weeks the water will rise and they will be gone for the summer. We have been catching them on small jigs in the backs of "secret" coves. 

Lake Powell Fishing Guides Report 04/02/2011

Merry Spring to you all, 

One of my favorite things about being a local and a guide, is watching Lake Powell live and breath. By trying to hook fish I get to experience this body of water change by the month, week, day and hour. I love it!

Let's talk about the changes that have occured since my report last July:

Ample shad populations were keeping the Striped Bass population healthy and in the deep water. They were doing exactly what Stripers should do, which was schooling around balls of baitfish and reeking havock. For the last two years the only way we could catch Striped Bass was to troll or cast at them on the boil because they were actively chasing bait. This spring the shad have declined and the thousands of Striped Bass that thrived because of them have gotten desperate.  That equates to......... VERY DUMB FISH!!!!
Honestly... We have been catching 50 to 100 striped bass per trip. For the last two years my policy when talking to clients has been to never promise fish but this spring I am going to put my reputation on the line and personally guarantee that you will catch a fish if you book with This Side of That Guide Service. 
We have been catching Striped Bass in two ways:
First, we have been bait fishing with cut anchovies along rock walls and points.  This technique is perfect for beginner fishermen because there is very little skill needed and it produces insane numbers of bites.
Second, we have been casting ANY (and I do mean ANY) lure into shallow brushy coves and getting nailed on almost every cast.  Danny and I went out yesterday and I had one run where I caught 10 fish in 10 casts.  

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass have also turned on as of late. We have been fishing brush that is mixed with rock, using tubes/jigs and doing well.  The one problem has been keeping the Stripers off of your line.  I have talked to some fishermen that have been having some good success with crank baits but I haven't had time to experiment with them. The spawn should start in the next couple of weeks. It very well could be the best spring Lake Powell has ever seen for these two species of fish. Now is the time to book your Lake Powell fishing trip. 


Lake Powell Fishing Guide Report 06/25/10:

In our last report we had indicated that we had not had much success with the Largemouth Bass......well that pissed us off..... so we went out for the late afternoon and caught this nice green fish. I was pitching a drop shot rig and Danny was using a split shot chartreuse tube.  We fished in the thickest brush that we could find.  We didn't get many bites but the bites that we did get were good. 
TST Fishing Guide Danny Woods with a mid-summer Largemouth Bass. Lake Powell 

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