This Side of That Outdoors is an everyman’s outdoor program that highlights what it’s like to “Live Simple, Live Large”. Follow me and my friends as we work our way through the adventures that
 Lake Powell and the majesty of the Colorado Plateau can throw at us. My goal is to create videos that are educational, humorous, humble, and that show activities accessible to the common man. As outdoorsmen, we all know that there are certain realities (flat tires, getting stuck, birds nests in your bait caster, diarrhea, explosive diarrhea, hangovers, forgetting the gun on your hunting trip…etc) that accompany any endeavor. I intend to highlight the Shit as well as the Shinolla of my pursuits for your viewing pleasure.

Lake Powell Striped Bass Fishing 101
On this video I'm dropping all the time honored, "extremely technical" secrets of Lake Powell Striped Bass fishing.  I take you on a tour of my favorite honey holes in the vicinity of Antelope and Wahweap launch ramps and show you all the tricks I have learned in my 40 plus years of Striper fishing on Lake Powell.  This is a must see for all beginner Lake Powell Striped Bass fishermen.

Underwater Striper Bite 
I sank my Go Pro down into a big ol school of Striped Bass on Lake Powell.  Watch how dumb these fish are!  Book a trip with us and you can see first hand.   

The Importance of Fishing
Fishing has always been a somewhat selfish endeavor for me, but now that I have kids it is as important as anything I do.

A Day on the Delta Clearwater - Alaska
The Delta Clearwater river is about an hour and a half southeast of Fairbanks Alaska. The canoe trip consists of: Eight miles of paddling and fishing on the brilliantly clear D.C., then into the massive glacier fed Tanana River for three miles, then a mile and a half up stream paddle through a slough and finally another mile or so across Clearwater Lake to the takeout. The river trip by itself is spectacular but when you add world class fishing for trophy quality Arctic Grayling, you have wilderness perfection.

Lake Powell Shore Fishing Techniques

Got no boat, got no problem!  Not everybody has access to a boat when they visit Lake Powell, but that shouldn't keep them from enjoying the great fishing we have here.  Lake Powell is taylor made for bank fishing.  There is no brush lining the bank which provides miles of fishable shoreline for the boatless  angler.  In this video I highlight some key areas and techniques that will help you land a few. 

Zebra Muscle Infestation
Check out this evidence of the Zebra Muscle infestation in Lake Powell that has occurred in the last two years.  This clip was shot about a mile from Glen Canyon Dam.  The National Park Service and AZ Game and Fish spent millions of dollars and expended thousands of man hours to keep these horrible critters out of Lake Powell but it was all ruined by a few selfish people who either lied or illegally launched their boat without cleaning it because they were in a hurry to get on the water. I wish these people bad karma!

 Unit 10 Arizona Trophy Antelope Hunt
Join This Side of That Outdoors on a trophy Antelope hunt in the grasslands of the world class Unit 10 in Northern Arizona. Watch Jen, Collin, Daylon Keisling and I as we bust our butts chasing Boone and Crocket class Prairie Goats and finally get the job after eight action packed days.

Lake Powell Striper Slurp Technique
In early summer the Striped Bass on Lake Powell come to the surface and start chasing larval shad in an action known as a slurp.  Later, when the shad become more mature the slurp will turn into a boil.  This video highlights the fishing techniques you will need to use in order to boat a bunch of these finicky fish. Once you master this Lake Powell fishing style I guarantee you will have a frickin blast!

Lake Powell Striped Bass, Anchovy Action
When the Stripers are biting anchovies on Lake Powell it aint fishin' it's  catchin' . Lake Powell is absolutely loaded with really dumb Striped Bass and we partake in the action frequently. This type of fishing is perfect for kids/beginers/lazy people.  This video is compiled from two impromptu trips we took
this spring and summer.

Lake Powell Grand Slam and Finesse Fishing Tutalage 
In this video I started out just wanting to do an instructional fishing video close to the launch ramp and hopefully catch a few fish, but the fishing gods were kind to me and I ended up catching a Lake Powell Grand Slam: A Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass and a Black Crappie, all in the same day.  I've only done this one other time in my life. To get it all on film was great! 
My hope is that you may learn a few fishing tricks from this video, get a few laughs out of my dumbass, and enjoy Lake Powell fishing action.

Lake Powell Top Water Explosion, Striped Bass Boil Fishing
Shot from late June through August 2009, this full length video depicts one of the best Lake Powell boil seasons in recent memory. The action was absolutely stellar, making quality footage, readily available. Join This Side of That Guide Service as we take you on a ride through the seasonal phenomena known as The Boil. Stellar landscapes combined with lights out top water action make this video a must see.

Lees Ferry, Three Techniques - Trout Fishing
When Lake Powell water temps get into the eighties and the run off from the Colorado River make the water rise the fish stop biting.  Fishing Lake Powell in mid summer conditions can be frustrating to say the least and that's when I grab a fly rod and head down to the river to do some trout fishing.  The tailwaters of Glen Canyon Dam are a 3 iron away from my back door and provide a blue ribbon trout fishery in some of the most awe inspiring country God has ever made.  On this trip Kevin Campbell and I use three totally different techniques to catch fish: Wading the rock bars with a dry fly and a midge nymph dropper, Drifting a scud from a boat and spin fishing with an olive Marabou Jig.  All three techniques hooked many fish in the 13 to 17 inch range.  All footage was taken in one day. 

Striped Bass on a Tube Jig
Danny and Brian Woods rippin lips on a typical spring afternoon on Lake Powell.  At one point they go on a run where they catch 5 Striped Bass on 5 casts.  To top off the afternoon Danny catches a 2+lb Smallmouth Bass on a Yamo Creature Bait.  If you are into this type of Lake Powell fishing action then book your trip now because it is only going to get better as the temps get warmer.  

Hooking a Striped Bass Trolling the Castle Rock Cut
Going uplake from the launch ramp there is a section of wakeless speed going through the Castle Rock Cut.  Because we are already going slow and because our mindset as hard core fishermen has been that you have exactly zero percent chance of catching a fish if your lure is not in the water, we always slow troll some crankbaits through the "cut".  This short clip is of my cousin/This Side of That Guide Service Apprentice landing a nice Lake Powell Striped Bass.

Lees Ferry Dry Fly Cicada Hatch
Although we do not offer guided trips for trout on the fabulous Lee's Ferry stretch of the Colorado River/Glen Canyon Dam tailwaters, TST Guide Service gets down there quite often with our friend Kevin Campbell of Lake Powell Outfitters for fun.  On one of the trips I came away with some nice Cicada dry fly video that I hope you enjoy here.
In July (or when the temp reaches 105 fahrenheit) the Cicada, a large iridescent, tree dwelling, buzzing beetle, hatches. Trout in turn, move up under the Tamarisk trees on the shoreline and hammer the hapless bugs that fall out.  Drift fishing swift cut banks and casting HUGE #14 dries make the fly fishing low maintenance (read: perfect for beginners because you never have to worry about your back cast) and high reward (read: perfect for everybody because you get to watch a bunch of fish whack the business end of your fly line).  There is nothing like watching a hungry rainbow trout torpedo out from the shadows and smack you bobber sized fly, engulfed by the 700 foot technicolor Navajo Sandstone Walls of Glen Canyon.   

A Ride Through Antelope Canyon
Antelope Slot Canyon on Lake Powell is a must see in the desert southwest. This video is an attempt to capture the grandeur that it provides.  I have always wanted to write music to the video I capture and to take video that flows with the music that I write. This is a demo cut and is very raw as far as color and sound quality.  I plan to dial it in later.  The song is called More Sand Than Stone.

Striped Bass Slurp Fishing
This is my first attempt at video production and I apologize for the pixelization.  In the late spring/early summer striped bass push the larval Threadfin Shad around shallow bays and we cast small spoons at them. The "slurp" is more subtle than a "boil" and requires a very stealthy approach as well as a subtle presentation.  Although the slurp is a tougher bite than the boil, it has it's advantages in that, there are very few folks on the water.  I highly recommend booking a trip during this time of year with This Side of That Guide Service because you get the combination of targeting Largemouth and Smallmouth bass and Striped Bass as well as getting Lake Powell all to yourself. 

Flyfishing North Creek - Boulder Mountains Utah
When the dog days of summer come barkin' I like to head up north of Lake Powell into the Boulder Mountains to take in some fly fishing. On this video Kristin Bloom fishes North Creek, one of the many creeks/lakes that grace the area, for Brook, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout.  The creek is loaded with fish and is devoid of fishing pressure.  While the size of the fish aren't going to demand a trophy picture, the action makes for an entertaining day in the cooooool pines.